10 Key Takeaways From The New Suicide Squad Trailer


Last week, Warner Bros. unveiled the first official trailer for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. While it technically wasn’t our first look at the movie – that came when the studio was forced to release the Comic-Con footage online after a bootleg copy was leaked – it definitely did its job of getting fans excited for what’s to come from 2016’s second DC release.

While Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is pretty much a guaranteed hit, Suicide Squad is a big test for the studio. If it does well critically and commercially, it could very well change the landscape of how the bad guys are utilized in superhero movies. Who knows, maybe Sony will even give the greenlight to that scrapped Sinister Six spinoff?

There’s still a way to go until we find out just how Suicide Squad will perform, but the action-packed preview was certainly crammed full of awesome reveals and epic moments, and here you will find ten of them.

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