10 Benedict Cumberbatch Scenes That Will Make You A Fan


This month, Benedict Cumberbatch returned to his most famous role for Sherlock‘s fourth season (enter our contest to win it on Blu-ray here). In the seven years since he first donned the deerstalker and Belstaff black coat, the British thespian has been catapulted into worldwide fame and earned himself a legion of fans.

Over that time, he’s rebooted a fan-favourite role in the Star Trek universe, terrorized his Sherlock co-star Martin Freeman in dragon form, become a Marvel superhero and been nominated for an Academy Award. The man has become a household name pretty much wherever you are on the planet and is generally considered one of the best actors of his generation. Why exactly is he so critically and commercially loved, though?

Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Cumber-fan or someone who’s looking to get to know the actor better, join as we look at 10 of his greatest scenes across film and TV that will either make you a Benedict Cumberbatch fanatic for the first time or help you appreciate him all over again.