The 10 Best Moments From James Mangold’s Logan


Logan has been receiving a great deal of critical acclaim since those first press screenings, and while Deadpool may have failed to break into this year’s Academy Awards, there are those who believe that James Mangold’s movie stands a very real chance of doing so, and we’d have to agree with them.

Time will tell if that pans out, but Mangold and star Hugh Jackman’s farewell to Wolverine is undeniably one hell of a sendoff for the iconic Marvel superhero and a story likely to stay with fans for a long time to come. It may not be as flashy or CGI-heavy as the X-Men movies, or as family friendly as your typical Marvel Studios fare, but there’s still an awful lot to love about Logan.

With that in mind, what you’ll find here is a look at the 10 best moments from the movie. It goes without saying that massive spoilers follow from this point on, so if you’ve yet to see the threequel and want to walk into it unspoiled, we advise bookmarking this page and returning at a later date.

You’ve been warned…