The 10 Best Movie Scenes Of 2016 (So Far)


10) Eddie The Eagle – Bo Derek

eddie the eagle

It’s easy to be cynical about generic ‘feel good’ movies, but it’s much harder to be cynical about something as genuinely heartfelt and funny as Eddie the Eagle. Dexter Fletcher’s unshakably sincere comedy biopic was one of the simplest pleasures in cinema this year, kept afloat even in its schmaltzier moments by its secret weapon: a salty, inescapably cool Hugh Jackman.


Eddie the Eagle is an innocent film about a hopelessly naive young man, but its single best scene is its most risque: the one in which Jackman’s frequently soused coach Bronson Peary teaches Taron Egerton’s Eddie how to ski jump, explaining that the key is moving his body as though he’s making love to Bo Derek. Jackman has never looked so ridiculous and, seemingly, he’s never had so much fun.

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