The 10 Best Movie Villains Of The Year (So Far)


10) Kate Winslet – Triple 9

triple nine kate winslet

Triple 9 may be stocked with bad men, but it’s the bad women who rule the roost. Gal Gadot’s Elena holds all the cards when it comes to Chiwetel Ejiofor’s bank robber Michael Atwood, forcing him to pull off increasingly dangerous heists in exchange for her granting him time with their son. Even more fearsome, though, is Elena’s mob boss sister, Irina.


Like many a John Hillcoat creation, Irina is a violent psychopath. Played by Kate Winslet with thick Russian accent and bouffant blonde hair do, Irina would look and sound almost comical if it weren’t for her palpable contempt for humanity (she reserves particular scorn for Atwood, for the mere fact that he’s black), slicing up friend and foe alike as long as she stands to make gains at the end. ‘Ruthless’ doesn’t come close.

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