10 Biggest Reveals From The Avengers: Endgame Trailer


At long last, the trailer for Avengers 4 has arrived, and it brings with it our very first look at what promises to be the movie event of 2019 and a thrilling, emotional, action-packed grand finale to the first decade or so of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s much we can gleam about the film from analyzing this trailer a little closer, so let’s see what secrets it’s hiding.

First of all, we can now say that Avengers 4 is officially titled Avengers: Endgame – a perfect moniker for the end of the story we’ve all been watching unfold ever since Tony Stark first revealed he was Iron Man back in 2008. There’s a real somber atmosphere to the trailer for Endgame, too, and it really sells the dark tone that’ll follow the tragic climax of Avengers: Infinity War.

But will Avengers: Endgame have a happy ending? That’s what we’re all wondering. Obviously, it’s too early to theorize about this just yet, but the trailer gives us a lot of clues about the rest of the film. So, on that note, let’s take a closer look and pick out the ten biggest reveals that it gave us.