10 Biggest Reveals From The Avengers: Endgame Trailer


Stark’s Lost In Space

The first minute or so of the trailer features one continuous scene which sees a lonely, despondent Tony Stark drifting through space. One of the biggest questions fans had following Infinity War was how was Iron Man going to get back to Earth after being left stranded on Titan, following the battle with Thanos.

Well, it seems it won’t be an easy journey for him. With food and water rations and the air supply running low, Stark uses his ruined Iron Man helmet to record a heartfelt farewell message to his beloved Pepper Potts. The ship he’s on is adrift in space and clearly he doesn’t think he’s going to make it back to Earth. “Part of the journey is the end,” Tony says, which feels like Marvel talking to their fans who aren’t emotionally ready for the current Avengers line-up to go.

So, what happens next to Stark? Unfortunately, we don’t know, as the rest of the trailer keeps up the uncertainty about his fate by never showing us Tony reuniting with the rest of the surviving Avengers. But he will, right? Right?

Thanos Is Still On Titan 2


After the Marvel Studios logo turns to dust (like fan-made trailers have been predicting would happen for months), the preview resumes with a shot of Thanos’ armor still hanging up where we last saw it in an alien wheat field, like a scarecrow, abandoned and unneeded by its retired owner.

We don’t get to see Thanos fully, but we see a fraction of his hulking purple form treading through the field, his hands brushing against the flowers. This is exactly where we left him at the end of Avengers: Infinity War – disappearing off to a rural world somewhere to reflect on the “good job” he’d done in achieving his goal of bringing balance to the universe.

We weren’t sure what was going to happen next for Thanos in Avengers 4, but it looks like we can now confirm that he’ll remain on Titan 2 – the name that the Russo brothers have given the planet – at least at the start of the movie. The lack of a full shot of the villain also gives the impression that he’s really not a major part of the film and it’s mostly about the fallout of his previous actions.

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