The 10 Biggest Surprises Of The 2016 Oscars


The 2016 Oscars should go down as one of the best in years. Hosted by Chris Rock over what felt like a more tolerable than usual three-and-a-half hours, the ceremony this year went off basically without a hitch, with many of the categories ending up just as predicted.

The Oscars wouldn’t be the Oscars, though, if there weren’t any surprises in store. Just what would be the point in the Academy Awards if there wasn’t room for a comedy vox pop set in Compton, or for Joe Biden and Ali G to just show up out of nowhere (FYI both of those things happened this year), or for the awards to end up in the hands of completely unexpected winners?

On that note, here are the ten biggest surprises of the Oscars that caught us all off guard.