10 Characters We Need To See In The Deadpool Sequel


For a very long time, it didn’t appear as if it was ever going to happen, but after someone leaked that incredible Deadpool test footage, Fox was left with no other choice than to finally give the fourth wall breaking, Merc with the Mouth his very own movie.

Between the response to that amazing CGI reel and the overwhelming demand for more, the studio was smart to give in, but whether their R-Rated gamble actually pays off with positive reviews and box office receipts remains to be seen next February.


They’re clearly confident that it will though, especially as there are already rumblings about a sequel being in development. Despite being a relatively obscure character and the fact that he’s a a superhero who kids can’t flock to see in action on the big screen, Kingsman: The Secret Service proved that you don’t need to be Spider-Man or Captain America to find success, and as of right now, Deadpool‘s future is looking bright.

So, with a sequel on the way, which characters from Deadpool’s comic adventures should join him? Here, you’ll find the ten who are most deserving of sharing the screen with Wade Wilson, whether they’re good guys, bad guys…or just plain nuts!