10 Characters We Need To See In The Deadpool Sequel


10) Evil Deadpool

Evil Deadpool

Despite clearly embracing the comic books, the Deadpool movie is definitely grounded in at least some reality. However, as long as audiences and critics embrace the wackier elements of the character, there’s no reason at all why we couldn’t see Evil Deadpool make an appearance in the sequel.

Wade Wilson can heal from pretty much anything and has lost everything from his head to each and every one of his limbsĀ over the years, so a psychotic villain collecting all of those and keeping them in his fridge didn’t exactly shock the Merc with the Mouth.

After Deadpool threw the body parts into a dumpster, they ended up healing and creating Evil Deadpool, a blood hungry psychopath whose goal was to kill everyone he came in contact with.

Seeing the character on the big screen would be a ton of fun for fans of the comic book, and would definitely push that R rating even further.

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