10 Characters We Desperately Need To See In The X-Men: Apocalypse Sequel


X-Men: Apocalypse was expected to become the franchise’s first $1 billion hit, but negative reviews and a mixed response from fans led to the Bryan Singer helmed release disappointing at the box office. It’s far from a flop, but chances are that 20th Century Fox will be rethinking their approach to the next instalment based on the complaints levelled at their latest effort.

Regardless of whether they reboot or decide that the next X-Men movie will be better off in the hands of another director, something will need to change, and a great way of achieving that in a superhero ensemble is to add some new heroes and villains to the mix.

Fox holds the rights to almost countless mutants, many of whom they’ve failed to take advantage of over the years. Of the ones we’ve listed here, some have appeared on the big screen before, but not in a satisfying way, while others have yet to make their feature film debuts.

All of them deserve a role in the next movie though, and their involvement could certainly help take this franchise to the next level.