10 Characters Who Could Die In Avengers: Infinity War


On May 4th, 2018, the MCU will finally reach the moment that every movie to come out of the studio over the past ten years or so has been building up to. In Avengers: Infinity Warthe assembled forces of the Marvel universe will rise up against the Mad Titan Thanos in a bid to stop him from wreaking havoc with the all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet. Though the movie’s sequel, to be released a year later, isn’t being billed as Part II anymore, you can bet that the epic story will be continued in the follow-up film as well.

Given that the MCU hasn’t been shy about killing off characters before – Quicksilver, Agent Coulson (well, he’s still dead in the movies) – it’s more than likely that the epic nature of these entries into the franchise will result in at least one prominent character ending up dead. Either as a way to prove how dangerous Thanos is or as a heroic sacrifice towards the end of the event.

Who could it be, though? From supervillains to superheroes and the odd super-supporting character, here are 10 people who might just meet their maker when Avengers: Infinity War rolls into theaters next year.