10 Characters Who Should Make A Surprise Appearance In Logan


Logan looks set to be one of 2017’s most exciting superhero movies, which is something most of us probably would have never said before the release of that amazing teaser trailer. While The Wolverine was a solid film, Fox has a spotty track record with their Marvel Comics adaptations, but it’s quickly become apparent that this one will be something very special indeed.

Bits and pieces about the plot are known and there have been a few rumours about what we should expect, but in terms of the characters set to appear, only a handful have been revealed. It’s hard to believe that we won’t see some familiar faces show up in some form though, because while this may be Wolverine’s last adventure, there are plenty of other X-Men related movies on the way.

What you’ll find here then is a look at ten characters who could potentially make some sort of surprise appearance in Logan. Having them all showing up in some form would obviously be a bit much to ask for, but there’s a strong chance we could see at least a few. Whether that will be as a cameo or even in an after-credits scene remains to be seen, but you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for them.