10 R-Rated Comic Book Movies We Want To See After Deadpool


Comic books are just for kids, right? They’re just fun little adventures where the good guys always win, where no one is ever really hurt and the villains live on to fight another day. What adult in their right mind would read something aimed solely at children… right?

Superhero movies have become steadily darker since the X-Men first donned those leather suits and the Joker performed his unique ‘magic trick,’ but many people still foolishly see comic books as a childish pastime. That looks set to change though with the upcoming release of Deadpool. If the red-band trailer is anything to go by, then Ryan Reynold’s umpteenth stab at the superhero genre will be the filthiest, most foul-mouthed comic book movie we’ve seen in years.


Darker doesn’t necessarily mean better, just look at the Fantastic Four reboot, but even if Deadpool sucks as hard as Green Lantern did, the film’s high profile should still pave the way for a number of R-rated comic book movies, ones that hopefully treat their adult subject matter with respect.

Steven Spielberg recently predicted that superhero movies could soon suffer a similar fate to the Western genre, so if studios want to avoid audience fatigue, maybe they should take a gander at these 10 R-rated comic book movies that we want to see after Deadpool.

Thank me later, Hollywood.

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