10 DC Comics Villains That We Can’t Get Enough Of


When it comes to great villains, DC Comics certainly has no shortage. Throughout the years, the company has given us some of the most memorable characters to ever grace any medium, and their stable of bad guys is equally as, if not more impressive, than their chief rival, Marvel.

So far, the DCEU has failed to really capitalize on this, presenting us with mediocre villains at best in the three films we’ve seen (Man of SteelBatman V Superman and Suicide Squad) thus far. That doesn’t mean that other DC properties are lagging, though, as across cinema, television and in the comic book pages themselves, we’ve seen some excellent antagonists brought to life.

And so, with the DCEU really starting to take off, and the company’s television properties hotter than ever right now, we thought it’d be a good time to look back on 10 of our favorites when it comes to DC Comics villains. From The Joker to Reverse-Flash, these are the characters who have really stuck with us throughout the years, offering formidable challenges for our beloved heroes and never failing to entertain.

Check out the video above for a look at our beloved DC Comics villains and as always, be sure to comment below letting us know who your favorites are.