9 DCEU Characters That Are Totally Different From The Comics


If there’s one thing that cannot be argued with about the DC Extended Universe, it’s that it’s taken some brave and bold liberties with the comic book universe. The franchise’s flagship heroes are generally portrayed much darker than they are on the page, villains have been entirely reworked to fit the modern world, supporting characters have been switched around so as to flesh them out in fresh ways and so on and so forth.

As you can tell from the mixed reception that at least three out of the four films released in the DCEU so far have received, not all of these reinventions have been successful. Whatever you think of, say, Henry Cavill’s Superman being willing to kill or Ben Affleck’s Batman torturing his victims, you have to admit that DC aren’t afraid to chuck out the old and ring in the changes. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, sure, but it has produced some intriguing, unique takes on decades-old characters. That, you can’t deny.

And so, following on from our recent look at MCU characters that are totally different from the comics, here are 9 characters from the DCEU who share little in common with their counterparts in the source material – for better or for worse.