9 DCEU Characters That Are Totally Different From The Comics


9) Carol Ferris

Comic Books: The Vice President of Ferris Aircraft, Carol Ferris is the long-term love interest of Hal Jordan AKA Green Lantern. Their relationship has become strained over the years, however, due to Carol turning into the supervillain Star Sapphire, a rival to the Green Lantern Corps.

DCEU: Carol Ferris has directly appeared in 2011’s Green Lantern, in a fairly faithful version played by Blake Lively.  For this list, though, we’re referring to the supporting DCEU character, known as Carrie Farris.

As you can tell by the similarity in names, the character – portrayed by Christina Wren – has been confirmed to be a slant on Carol. Appearing in Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, Carrie is an US Air Force officer – a similar career to Ferris. However, due to Hal Jordan not being introduced in this universe yet, she doesn’t have any connection to Green Lantern. Whether there are any plans to feature the character in the upcoming Green Lantern Corps, we don’t yet know.

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