9 DCEU Characters That Are Totally Different From The Comics


8) Steve Trevor

Comic Books: Like Superman has Lois Lane, Wonder Woman always has Steve Trevor by her side. Traditionally, Steve was a WWII soldier who was totally smitten by the Amazon princess and frequently tried to get her to marry him – however, he showed no interest in his dowdy secretary, Diana Prince. Modern comics have portrayed him as Diana’s U.N. liaison, the head of A.R.G.U.S. and in a relationship with Etta Candy.

DCEU: Wonder Woman‘s Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) has been moved back in time to be a WWI era spy. Unlike his traditional comics counterpart, he isn’t portrayed as a damsel-in-distress – or rather a ‘gentleman-in-jeopardy’ – and is actually given the big heroic moment at the end of the movie.

Yes, the biggest change the DCEU made to Steve Trevor is that he was killed off very quickly into Diana’s career as Wonder Woman. Rumours state that Chris Pine could be back, but unless he returns thanks to Flashpoint changing the timelines, we have to assume Steve will stay dead.

7) Etta Candy

Comic Books: Like Steve is Wonder Woman’s Lois, Etta Candy is probably Diana’s equivalent to Jimmy Olsen. Usually filling the role of the comic relief, Etta is typically portrayed as Diana’s best friend – a bubbly, confident woman who loves her plus-size figure. She’s a tough gal in her own right and shares Steve Trevor’s career as a soldier and intelligence officer. Also, since the New 52, the character has been depicted as African-American.

DCEU: Etta Candy’s role was greatly diminished in Wonder Woman in comparison to her significant place in the comics. While she and Diana get on, you could hardly call them best friends. Etta is also not of a military background but simply Steve’s (albeit incredibly capable) secretary.

Lucy Davis’ character is also not as vivacious as the portrayal on the page. Overall, this Etta is probably closer to the iteration in the classic 1970s Wonder Woman TV show than the comics. Furthermore, like Steve, it’s assumed that Etta won’t have a major role in future Wonder Woman movies.

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