10 Directors Who Bounced Back With A Vengeance After Failed Movies


You have to feel a little sorry for Josh Trank. Seemingly destined for great things after breaking out with 2012’s Chronicle, it would now appear that director’s career has spectacularly stalled thanks to his Fantastic Four reboot proving to be a disaster both creatively and financially.

If scathing reviews and reports of a conflict-heavy shoot weren’t enough to tar Trank’s reputation, his film has committed the ultimate Hollywood sin and failed to ignite the box office. As a result, Trank’s prospects as a director now look decidedly bleak.


That said, he needn’t give up all hope just yet – he’s just one of many, many filmmakers who have over the years delivered failed movies, or fallen into the trap of an uncontrollable production. And sometimes, those filmmakers – as if spurred on by the disaster of their previous effort – have bounced back with great, generation-defining movies.

Here, then, are ten directors who returned with a vengeance after some significant cinematic failures.