10 Disney Movies That Actually Need A Live-Action Reboot Or Sequel

10) Mulan


You might think that a film being only two decades old would mean it’s too fresh to warrant a remake. You would be wrong, however, as the upcoming reboot of 1991’s Beauty and the Beast proves. So, taking that into account, another of the Disney Renaissance movies that leaps out as the most deserving of the live-action treatment is 1998’s Mulan.

A live-action take could copy the basic template of the original but up the action, perhaps turning it into more of a war film. Though, of course, Mulan – who remains Disney’s most capable heroine – and her personal journey would still be at its heart.

A Mulan reboot could even take inspiration from Once Upon A Time, which features a bisexual version of the character. That would appease the many fans who are clamouring for the first LGBT Disney princess.