10 Disney Movies That Actually Need A Live-Action Reboot Or Sequel

6) Aladdin

Aladdin balcony scene

One of the most controversial upcoming remakes is Genies, a prequel to 1992’s Aladdin that follows the big blue Genie, originally played by the late, great Robin Williams. A lot of people feel that it’s an insult to Williams to recast one of his most beloved characters so soon after his death.


Moreover, though, a Genie solo film is a much less exciting option than a straight-up remake of Aladdin. Rather than causing more controversy, Disney could clear up some past issues with this one. The original film came under scrutiny for presenting a stereotyped and negative portrayal of the Middle East. A new Aladdin – which would have to star ethnically-suitable actors – could right this wrong. There would still be the issue of replacing Williams, of course, but at least it wouldn’t be the focus of the film.