8 Disturbing Details You Never Realized About Disney Movies

Why Didn’t Prince Charming Remember What Cinderella Looked Like?

Cinderella is undoubtedly one of the most classic fairly tale romances of all time. After being abused by her stepmother and stepsisters for years, Cinderella falls for Prince Charming at the royal ball and is subsequently rescued from her life of drudgery once he finds her again based on her shoe size. Wait, what?

Yes, when you think about it, the whole third act of Cinderella really makes no sense. Charming is supposedly totally in love with this mystery woman – but he needs every girl in the kingdom to try on a glass slipper so that he can recognize her. Can’t he just, oh, I don’t know, remember what she looks like? Yeah, sorry Cindy, but it doesn’t look like this guy’s that charming, after all. We’re pretty sure the fop with the foot fetish turned out to be a serial adulterer whose head was turned by any woman he saw who wore see-through shoes.

You can just about forgive this in the original 1950s animated movie, which hues closer to the wonky logic of fairy tales, but it’s surprising that this bizarre chain of events wasn’t clarified much in 2015’s live-action remake, which otherwise aimed to add some meat to the bare bones of the story. Plus, Charming is played by Game of Thrones‘ Robb Stark in this one, so you just know that his reign of the kingdom is going to end in tragedy.