10 Perfect Director/Comic Book Movie Pairings


People often forget how important directors are. When a blockbuster succeeds, the praise of the general public tends to fall on the actors or storyline. Outside of film critic circles, few mentioned director Jon Favreau when the first Iron Man movie took the world by storm, yet people couldn’t stop talking about Robert Downey Jr.’s best performance in years.

Unfortunately, it’s only when a project falls apart that the spotlight suddenly falls on the director. The Fantastic Four reboot had many problems, but the blame fell almost entirely on director Josh Trank. Of course, he was undoubtedly instrumental in the film’s failure, but few have been vocal about the studio’s disruptive interference, which clearly had a negative impact, too. It’s unfair to lay the blame entirely at his feet.


Comic book movies are particularly difficult projects to work on, as the expectations from audiences, studios and hardcore fans alike are monumental to say the least. In an ideal world, the perfect director would be paired with the perfect comic book movie every time, but this rarely happens.

Join us, then, as we pretend for a moment that such a thing is possible and count down 10 dream directors who would be perfect for these particular comic book movie projects.