10 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed In 2018’s Halloween

“I Saw Him… The Shape”

Halloween fans will know that, in the 1978 movie, Michael Myers is not credited as such in the cast list but is referred to as “The Shape.” This was because he was referred to by this in the script from John Carpenter and Debra Hill – the reason being that he was always seen in silhouette or in shadows. However, in the movie itself the credit comes across as strange, as he’s never called that name on-screen.

Well, not until 2018’s Halloween, that is. When Laurie crashes Allyson’s celebratory dinner, she begins talking about her recent experience watching Michael be moved from the Smith’s Grove institution. “I saw him,” she tells her family, breaking down. “I saw The Shape.” Sure enough, the resurrection of this phrase is followed through into the end credits when the killer is once again listed under that name.