10 Epic Action Sequences That You Can Watch Over And Over Again


10) Rotating Hallway – Inception


Okay, I see we’re starting out small…Christopher Nolan’s dream project was another fantastic addition to the director’s already stunning resume. The film about an elaborate heist taking place in a person’s unconscious gave us a smart, compelling story, thrilling action and great visuals – and it was, without a doubt, one of the best movies of 2010. But despite the film being a stellar ride as a whole, there’s one prominent moment we all still have in the back of our heads. A certain hotel hallway, to be exact.

Granted, the setting might not be anything too special by itself – but add revolving gravity, hand-to-hand combat and an upper-dream-level-car-chase into the mix and you’ve got yourself a hell of an epic action sequence.

Who would’ve guessed?

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