10 Epic Action Sequences That You Can Watch Over And Over Again


9) First Battle – 300


Before he was making movies about a man dressed in a red cape and red-and-blue jumpsuit, Zack Snyder was making movies about a legion of men dressed in a red cape and underwear (that’s it!). I’m talking, of course, about his big green-screen project – also known as 300.

To be fair, though, the live action adaptation of the Frank Miller’s fantastic graphic novel was a pleasant surprise, consequently verifying the director’s position as a major player in the business.

No doubt, the part that comes to mind first is when the guy screams the name of his precious homeland and kicks the other guy into the pit. But as far as action sequences are concerned, it’s the Spartans’ initial scuffle with the massive Persian army that we all remember – be that the original version or one of the countless parodies that reminds us. I’m not quite sure what does it, exactly. I guess there’s just something about seeing the nameless bad guy’s blood get spilled.

In delightful slow motion, of course.

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