10 Famous People You Never Knew Were In The Marvel Cinematic Universe


Comic book movie fans are probably the best at spotting cameos, as they’re always on the lookout for nods to the comics hidden in the films. Marvel aficionados, in particular, are naturals at this, as they know that Stan Lee will always turn up in a (generally) humorous minor role.

It’s not only Stan who pops up in Marvel movies, though. Over its thirteen films to date, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has squeezed in a number of familiar names into small roles. Some appeared before they were famous, while others were well-known beforehand but were stuck into small parts for laughs. Whatever the situation, many of these cameos can be easily missed by even the most eagled-eyed of viewers.

Just like there were numerous famous faces in Star Wars movies that you probably never caught, here are 10 well-known people that you most likely didn’t realize had appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.