10 Franchises That Ended On A Massive Cliffhanger


8) Did Elen Survive? – The Descent Part 2


The Descent is one of the best horror films of the last decade, and the ending didn’t exactly leave things open for a sequel. We still got one though, with another luckless group being attacked by the flesh-eating crawlers from the original. The movie ends on a dark note, where sole survivor Elen is hit by a shovel by an old man who is helping the monsters for some reason. She’s dragged to a hole in the ground, where a crawler jumps out at her.

Her fate is left ambiguous, but the actress playing Elen was signed on for a potential third film, too. Fans of the original revolted against the sequel, however, feeling it ruined the ending of the original and was just a lazy cash-in; which it was. Even original director Neil Marshall stated his dislike for the film, and talk of a third Descent movie quietly died down.

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