10 Great Movies You Definitely Missed In 2015


Those who claim that movies aren’t what they used to be need to switch off the latest Adam Sandler film and take a look around. Whether you religiously visited the cinema on a weekly basis or binge watched as many movies as possible on Netflix, 2015 was yet another incredible year for film.

These days, we’re more spoilt for choice than ever, making it extremely difficult to catch all of the years best flicks, but don’t worry… that’s where we come in.


The following list isn’t a rundown of 2015’s best necessarily. Instead, these are the films that only received limited screenings, because studios hate us and think we’d prefer the likes of Mortdecai, Entourage and Jupiter Ascending in our local cinemas. From sexy monsters to talking animals, there’s something here for everyone, so join us as we countdown ten great movies that you probably missed in 2015.

NOTE: While they may not have been available in your country this year, each of the films discussed here were released cinematically somewhere in the world in 2015.

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