10 Great Performances From 2013 That Are Unlikely To Receive Oscar Recognition


This has been one of the best awards seasons of recent memory, with an array of fantastic films each vying with one another and each deserving of significant prizes. The acting race has arguably been the most exciting to watch, especially in the leading categories, where there are at least 6 or 7 actors (or more) who could rightly stake their claim to a nomination. However, there are many great performances this year which will probably go unnoticed by the Academy for one reason or another.

Now, second guessing something as precarious as the awards season is foolhardy, but fun nonetheless. Who knows, the Academy could pull out a surprise and nominate one of these folks I list here. Every year there is at least one or two surprising contenders that manage to squeeze themselves in for consideration. Take for example Demian Bichir’s nomination for A Better Life a couple of years ago, or Melissa Leo’s nod for Frozen River in 2008. Occasionally there will be those minor performances that slip through the cracks.

So. with that in mind, here are my picks for some of the year’s greatest performances that will sadly go unnoticed by the academy.