10 Great Performances That Weren’t Even Credited

edward norton kingdom of heaven 2

Making it as an actor is a tough business. Naturally, those who are trying to make it often want every credit they can get – in parts big or small, in movies good or bad. The only time you’ll usually see an actor uncredited is when they had no decision in the matter of their billing. There are, however, some – not many, but some – actors that have actually chosen to remain off the official cast list.

Actors ask to be uncredited – or directors might insist that they are – for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes the director or star just wants to surprise the audience (see: Matt Damon in Interstellar). Other times an actor might think their role so small that it didn’t really warrant a billing. Certain major actors even insist on staying uncredited so they don’t overshadow others in the cast (Kenneth Branagh requested he not be credited for Swing Kids for that very reason).

It isn’t often that actors go uncredited in their movies, and it’s even rarer that the ones who do give great, memorable performances (the uncredited ones are often just fleeting cameos or bit-parts). Some, however, make a real impression, and here are ten particularly great uncredited performances.