10 Great Thrillers You Might Have Overlooked

Thrillers are everywhere you look, from big budget Hollywood cinema to indie fare served in different flavors all over the world. The quest to shock, scare and unsettle audiences has driven writers and directors on an endless quest to improve their work, but as the good ideas are mined and recycled, it’s becoming harder to be truly original.

In an era of reboots, remakes and endless sequels, it’s the perfect opportunity then to crawl the archives and ask one simple question: are there any thrillers out there that have been overlooked with the passing of time?

We decided to find an answer, compiling a list of 10 films which many of you won’t have ever laid eyes on yet. From the early works of visionary directors to well-known actors in roles you wouldn’t expect, this list has you well and truly covered if you’re in search of some chilling thrillers to spend your time with.