10 Great Movie Characters Who Were Introduced In Sequels

The Joker

Received wisdom has it that movie sequels are generally inferior to their predecessors, as most of the time they are simply regurgitating the cast of characters and story beats of the first one. Sometimes, however, sequels can offer something exciting, like memorable new characters that keep up the energy and interest even if everything else in the movie is a little bit familiar.

Oftentimes, these newbies steal the show from under the noses of the returning characters and become firm fan favourites. Sometimes they are villains, like Terminator 2’s T-1000, or new allies for the heroes, like Quicksilver in the X-Men franchise. Either way, they make a big impression.

So, on that note, join us as we take a look at 10 great movie sequel characters. As always, if we’ve missed one – hey, there are a lot of sequels out there, it happens! – let us know in the comments section.