Welcome To The Dark Side: The 10 Greatest Star Wars Villains

10) Director Krennic

Coming in at number 10 is the newest addition to Star Wars‘ rogues gallery – Director Orson Krennic of Rogue One. It has to be said that Krennic was pretty much upstaged in every way in the movie by old-school villains like Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin, but he still made enough of an impression to warrant a place on this list.

As played by Hollywood’s new favourite British villain actor Ben Mendelsohn (look out for him in the likes of Ready Player One and Robin Hood), Krennic is in charge of the construction of the Death Star. In Rogue One, he’s hot on the tail of Jyn Erso and her rebel buddies, as they try to retrieve the plans to the weapon and find out its crucial weakness. Across the film, Krennic proves himself a single-minded, callous b*stard. Though he does have an awesome cape.

In a classic bit of irony, he’s eventually killed by his own creation when Tarkin orders the destruction of Scarif. Tarkin then takes control of the Death Star and hogs all the glory. Tough break, Orson.