The 10 Greatest Villains From DC Movies


It is ironic that, in a year where other superhero movies were sidelining supervillains in favour of having the heroes go at it, Suicide Squad put numerous bad guys centre stage. Such a simple yet nifty idea had to come sooner or later – and it made the most sense that it would be DC who got there first. Noting exceptions like Doctor Octopus and Loki, DC movies have generally always produced stronger supervillains than Marvel.

But, just who are these great DC movie villains of which we speak? Read on to find out, as we count down the 10 antagonists we most love to hate from DC films – from 1978’s Superman all the way to 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.

Also, note that we’re only including characters who were the antagonists of their respective films, so the majority of the cast of Suicide Squad do not count.