10 Justice League Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Batman V Superman Callbacks

Even though the respective tones of Batman V Superman and Justice League are as different as chalk and cheese, the team-up movie still features several nods back to the film that paved the way for it.

One that will jump out to anyone who’s seen BvS comes during Superman’s battle with Batman while he’s still fresh from his resurrection. “Tell me,” Supes shouts at Bruce, moments away from pummeling him. “Do you bleed?” This is, of course, a repeat of the line used when Batman taunted Superman back in BvS. In Justice League, the line gets a humorous follow-up from Bruce: “Yeah, something’s definitely bleeding.”

Storywise, we also return to the Kryptonian ship that featured so heavily in BvS, specifically the incubation chamber that Luthor used to create Doomsday. Here, the League use the system to reawaken Superman, by powering it with the energy from the Mother Box.

Speaking of Mother Boxes, Batman and Alfred only know about these Apokoliptian novelties at the beginning of the movie because they’ve got hold of Luthor’s notes. We previously found out that Lex Luthor knew about the Boxes in a scene that was cut from BvS‘s theatrical version but was reinstalled in the Ultimate Edition. It saw Luthor receiving a vision of Steppenwolf and the three Mother Boxes.