10 Of The Least Comic-Accurate Superhero Movie Costumes

10) The Punisher (Dolph Lundgren)


Of all the superhero outfits out there, The Punisher’s garb is one of the most low-rent. His outfit is a little more stylized in the comics, but basically it comes down to his signature skull insignia on a black shirt. It’s that simple. For some reason, though, this was something that the original movie to star the character could not manage.

Even though the mega-successful, more serious Batman arrived that same year, we can assume that the makers of 1989’s The Punisher wanted to distance themselves from the usually kid-friendly image of comic book heroes and so stripped away any trace of the Marvel character. The result, though, is a protagonist who looks identical to every other action hero you’ve ever seen.

9) Bullseye

Colin Farrell Bullseye

2003’s Daredevil movie hardly got anything right in the costume department. Ben Affleck was forced to wear an ugly leather outfit while Jennifer Garner’s Elektra did not wear the character’s iconic red number from the comics. The worst crime of all, though, is the ridiculous look for Bullseye (as hammily played by Colin Farrell).

One of Daredevil’s coolest enemies, Bullseye really doesn’t have too zany an outfit in the source material – with a dark blue spandex suit and bullseye mark on his forehead. In the movie, however, they swapped this out for the dumb idea of giving him a bullseye-like scar on his head. We’re sure this highly-distinctive feature really helps when the wanted criminal is on the run from the police.