10 Lesser Known Characters Who Should Be In Justice League



Hawkman is a character that was born for big screen adaptation. Thanks to the advancements in CGI and a visionary director like Zack Snyder, the time for his big screen debut may now be upon us. All it would take is a little courage from the filmmakers to bring this often criticized, yet under-appreciated hero to life in the upcoming Justice League movie.

The character has been through the ringer over the years, falling victim to several retcons that did nothing but muddy his origins, which has become a sort of pick-your-own-adventure story through history.

One of the most popular origins takes us back to ancient Egypt. A prince named Khufu and his wife, Chay-Ara, were killed and cursed by their rival, a priest named Hath-Set. The curse causes Khufu and Chay-Ara to live forever, destined to find each other, fall in love, then get killed and reincarnated, again and again. The two retain the memories of their past lives, and vow to protect the world during each lifetime as Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

Introducing Hawkman (or even Hawkgirl) in a Justice League movie would be a great way to lay the foundation for this origin story, leaving room for further exploration in a future solo film. Hawkman is particularly interesting in a team-up because he doesn’t play well with others, is famous for his short fuse, is violent and unpredictable, and he has a total disdain for Green Arrow. He’s also one of the few League members who isn’t afraid to spill a bit of blood to do get the job done, and is willing to kill if necessary.

Placing him in a team full of more morally-centered heroes like Superman and Batman could add an interesting dynamic to the group. Would Batman be okay with Superman killing Zod? Absolutely not. Hawkman, on the other hand, would have wished that he could have done the job himself.

Plus, there are visual advantages to his character as well that Zack Snyder could definitely take advantage of. What better director is there to bring the mace-wielding, golden helmet wearing hero to life on the big screen, giant wings and all?

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  1. Clydesays:

    I’d like to comment on the 10 lesser known characters article. First off, I’m an avid DC Comics / Justice League loyalist. For me to hear that this movie is finally being made is like hearing the 2nd coming of christ…it’s just that huge in the world of fiction. Now please allow me to share my views on this. If I were the casting director, writer or even the film director himself, I would keep this in mind; my job is to appeal to a wide scale audience. There’s the hardcore fans from decades ago, there’s people who aren’t into comics or animated comic movies or series, but will go to see it in live action form. There’s kids, the female demographic and of course our international audience. So DC / Warner Bros. knows this and is trying their best to put the best product on the big screen in their view. Of course the die hard fans will always have an issue with pretty much every decision that is made leading up to the film, but hey what do the fans know, when was the last time that they created a big screen film?
    With all the people that I need to please worldwide, I would build my Justice League the way that management would build their NBA teams. They need quality players and chemistry to help them win a championship. So what do we all know about the Justice League? The Miami Heat has their big three (James, Wade & Bosh). They are the core heavy hitter players on the Heat team that forms their foundation. So My big three is (Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman). Now that I’ve established the three characters that will carry my movie and the entire franchise, I need my role players like the Heat does with (Ray Allen, Mario Chalmers, Chris Andersen, Udonis Haslem & more). So that’s where I have Green Lantern and Flash who will complete my starting 5. However I need two more role players to complete the Justice League founding members. Who should it be? While DC / Warner has added Cyborg into the fray (not exactly my 1st option for a founding member), I thought about it and have this vision:
    The writer of this article mentioned Hawkman as a contender. While that character does hold weight, unfortunately for Hawkman, audiences would welcome his counterpart “Hawkgirl / Shayera Hol” a lot faster than him, just based on the Justice League animated series alone. I would sign on that character to be an original member and have a hispanic woman play the part as a way to include more minority representation and have much more diversity than Marvel does. So not only would we have an Israeli actress playing Wonder Woman, but I’d have a hispanic actress play Hawkgirl, which fills the need of racial diversity as well as having one more female on board. Next, Red Tornado…I’m really not that big on that character. There’s absolutely no chance in hell that I’d ever put that character into the 1st ever Justice League movie. Ask yourself this, the character called “Vision” from the Avengers, was he a part of the original film or will he be a part of the sequel? I rest my case. Moving right along. Guy Gardner; he is by far the least popular of the Earth based Green Lanterns. After character of Hal Jordan failed DC / Warner on live action big screen and the animated series, you actually would consider Guy Gardner a joke of a Green Lantern. I’d rather see the world come to an end than to ever put that character in anything beyond the pages of comic books. And that’s the furthest that he needs to go. The obvious go to guy in this case is John Stewart / Green Lantern, he is well received by fans and was a hit in the animated Justice League cartoon. To have another afro american on the team and as a founding member is a monumental step forward from just having a typical token black guy. And besides, all Cyborg would be is a role player token. The character of Green Lantern is on the same level as a Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, in terms of notoriety. Having John Stewart in my starting lineup is a fantastic business move and will help revive a struggling DC live action universe. Onto Firestorm, I actually like that character, I wouldn’t mind seeing in some capacity in the sequel, just not the original film. Elongated Man…I almost fell out of my chair with laughter. I’d rather sign on Plastic Man than this guy and I don’t want Plastic Man in any of my Justice League film(s). Barbara Gordan as “Oracle”, audiences barely have been exposed to Batgirl, let alone her new role. I wouldn’t disrespect her legacy by having her in that role without putting Batgirl on the big screen a least one last time. However Batman’s presence makes Batgirl a cheap female version knockoff that wouldn’t serve a purpose unless I placed her in a third movie if there was one. Now as for Hourman, I won’t even dignify that with a response. If want your movie to fail badly sign a name that even hardcore fans aren’t too familiar with. Capt. Atom while he may be known in the hardcore fans mind, is not a guy who I would put in a live action film, other than participating in a cameo appearance. Black Canary is one who I would sign on to the team, however in the sequel. And lastly, Booster Gold. He’s another guy like Capt. Atom I’d just utilize in a cameo appearance.
    Let’s just say that I made a Justice League trilogy. I would stick with the characters that would bring in the box office gold and who fans have connected with. As is other than solo movies, it’s going to be a challenge to see some chemistry with the founding members . If I directed a trilogy, my focus for all three films will solely be on my founding members, with some appearances by the League’s extended members. Although highly unpopular, Aquaman is a well known character who should be a founding member. The reason why people don’t take him seriously enough and the creators of that character is afraid to use him is because they all including fans lack the imagination needed to see Aquaman’s true potential. So other than the four that we do know is kicking off Batman v Superman (Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Batman & Superman), I’d add Hawkgirl, Green Lantern (John Stewart), The Flash and Aquaman to the roster. In the sequels I’d throw in Green Arrow, Black Canary, Firestorm, Zatanna, Shazam, Huntress, and the Wonder Twins…yes I said it the Wonder Twins. While Green Arrow is a popular character now based on appearances in “Smallville” and his own show “Arrow”, we already have a team member who goes by the name “Green…”; if anything I’d give him a bigger role in the sequel.
    Well that’s my long detailed explanation of who I’d cast in these movies. Oh and one final thought, I also wouldn’t include Supergirl, for the same reason why I wouldn’t include Batgirl. While I do like their characters, they would always be held to the standards of Batman & Superman and that wouldn’t be affair, so I’d just as well omit them from the equation.

    1. Flazhphonesays:

      Your comment made my day!!!! DC FTW!!!!!!!

      1. Clydesays:

        Thanks. I have several comments posted on several sites that deal mostly with John Stewart. Its good to see that my thoughts and words are appreciated by those who share the same vision.

      2. Flazhphonesays:

        As a DC fan I truly believe we should support everything Warner Bros./DC are doing with their cinematic universe :-)! I’ve been positive about everything leaked so far! From Eisenberg begin Lex Luthor and Ezra Miller being Flash to Gal Gadot being Wonder Woman and of course Batfleck!

    2. Brian Danielsays:

      Morris Chestnut for John Stewart!

  2. Ben Martinez Smithsays:

    i think RAY FISHER should Play JOHN STEWART THE BLACK GREEN LANTERN instead of Playing CYBORG Because CYBORG is 90% Machine and that is Sad……..Anyways, The SuperHeroes i would LOVE to see in a JUSTICE LEAGUE FILM are: SUPERMAN, WONDER WOMAN, THE BLACK GREEN LANTERN, BATMAN, FLASH, AQUAMAN, HAWKMAN and RED TORNADO, i think with those 8 Members it would be GREAT, i also expect The JUSTICE LEAGUE FILM to be Released in IMAX 3D, 3D and 2D…

  3. Randy Rogerssays:

    If Wonder Woman isn’t in a tiny sexy outfit I am not even going to see the movie.

  4. Mohammad Azri Azmisays:

    is it just me or Red Tornado origin is oddly similar to Vision’s from marvel?

    1. JohnClark_R6says:

      Well Red Tornado debuted before The Vision. Take that as you may but Marvel has a long list of characters they pretty much ripped off from DC.

  5. Docsays:

    Where’s the love for Martian Manhunter? And in the same vein as the X-Men movies, I’d be happy to see a bunch of cameos on the screen. I second the fun of the Wonder Twins. And I’ve always been a fan of Robin and Firestorm. Supergirl? Captain Marvel?

  6. bibleverse1says:

    Hawkman is a good choice. I would also say Mr Terrific.

  7. JohnClark_R6says:

    Not feeling anyone on this list honestly. Would love to see Barbara(Oracle), but not as a member of the League. I want Aquaman, Hal Jordan, WW, Superman, Batman, Flash, and Cyborg. At least to start. others can be added. Would like Hawkman or Hawkgirl(Thanagarian Versions) and Martian Manhunter in later films.

    1. I agree with all except cyborg. He has no business being in the league. He’s a teen titan at best

      1. JohnClark_R6says:

        Forget the Titans. Lol. But seriously, Cyborg absolutely fits with this day and age of Technology. And he is a very layered and complex character in the New 52. I really like him.

      2. I’ve always seen him in the league as a cheap diversity change not to mention they traded Martian Manhunter for him which was a severe downgrade. That and i have never found him interesting in the slightest.

      3. JohnClark_R6says:

        I love the Father Son relationship and the Frankensteinish aspect of his character. Much better in the New 52, and I completely disagree about the Diversity change. The change was due to the Age of Technology we currently live in. With Games like Watch Dogs and Dues Ex, tv shows like Person of interest and going back to Movies like Enemy of the State, it is the perfect time to intro Cyborg as a Prime player in the DCU. Cinematic and comic.

      4. To me his inclusion in the league has seemed forced. He was always a teen titan, low tier hero and then new 52 happens and BAM ! he’s in the league. Also, his story and character in general have never been interesting to me in the slightest. I have never once got excited about a story because it involved cyborg. That’s just my opinion.

  8. watsays:

    Nah. No to all of these.

    1. The Walking Cubansays:

      Bout to watch xmen dofp, yo

      1. watsays:

        Eh. Let me know how it is. I’ve consistently hated all the X-Men movies lol

      2. The Walking Cubansays:

        Oh yeah, you’ve said that lol. Well it wax the best one to me. That has to come from liking at least 3 of them though (xmen, x2, first class), so… You might wanna skip it lol

      3. watsays:

        Yeah I most likely will. lol. I liked the first two as a kid but… I was a kid.

  9. Gary Youngsays:

    Zan and Jayna, the Wonder Twins would be awesome

  10. Randall T. Freemansays:

    It would be possible to look to the future for heroes. Dawnstar ,Saturn Girl, and Triplicate Girl (Before Computo killed one of her) would be interesting additions. The Atom (Professor Ray Palmer), Huntress, and Katana from the Outsiders also present interesting possiblilities. I would like to see the take on the Royal Flush Gang.

  11. Jim Alexandersays:

    What about “Dial H for Hero?”

    1. Barry Collinssays:

      Probably get sued by Ben 10

  12. Thomas Marcedasays:

    I would like to see Question make an appearance.

  13. cypresssays:

    some of those are ok, but I would like to see apache chief in there. just kidding but as long as flash is in there and martian manhunter would be sweet in there

  14. Anonsays:

    I think it should be like what marvel did… The big ones only such as ww, superman, Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, batman aqua, and Martian

  15. Trevor Brownsays:

    Captain Marvel and Black Adam need to be added to the list.

  16. SubSumeYousays:

    LOL Damn, this shit gets ridiculous. ROTFLMAO

  17. Clydesays:

    In my previous posted comments, I didn’t mention Martian Manhunter. I actually would’ve liked him to be in the starting lineup over the casting of Cyborg. The martian was screwed by DC and has since been replaced by Cyborg. Even Aquaman has gotten the shaft and was replaced by different members. I wouldn’t be surprised if DC / Warner Bros. had used Green Arrow in replacement of him…although if I were in charge, Aquaman would be in my starting lineup. I noticed some of the people on here mention Hal Jordan in the starting lineup for the Justice League movie. Now ask yourself this, is he someone that you would put in the starting lineup because you have a biased opinion in favor of him, because the last time I checked, Hal Jordan has cost Warner Bros. Studios money; and you best believe if they want to build on Green Lantern and also a solo film project, they will not force feed the audience the same character that was rejected. Sorry all you Hal Jordan fans, but the reality check is that Hal Jordan is out and John Stewart is in. Nothing personal, its just business. Think about it, if you cost your boss money at your job and John Stewart was the next best thing, believe you me, you’d be out the door before your boss could tell you that you’re fired. We live in a profit driven society, and that is the reason why DC / Warner Bros. will use the character of John Stewart. So the faster you can accept that truth like the fact that Ben Affleck is Batman, the better off you’ll be able to function in life.

    1. observersays:

      Being long winded doesn’t make you any less incorrect. Hal Jordan did not lose them a dime. The script, direction, and Ryan Reynolds on the other hand….

    2. but john stewart isn’t the next best thing to hal jordan. He’s like the third or fourth best thing.

      1. Clydesays:

        “AL” stop looking at it from a chronological standpoint. Because if you really want to get technical then Alan Scott deserves to be in a film before Hal Jordan. There are 3600 GL in the corps, Hal is interchangable, just one of many, like our real life police officers or military personale. Technically speaking John Stewart is the 4th Earth based Lantern, that doesn’t mean that he’s also ranked the same way. At the end of the day DC / Warner Bros. will cast whoever they think is the best character to make them money, while also making a smart business decision of appealing to a worldwide audience. So let’s you and I sit back and see who gets the nod as the next GL shall we!

      2. I wasn’t basing Johns rank on chronology, i was basing it off of skill and how interesting of a character he is and as far as the human lanterns go he’s 3rd or 4th at best. And Alan scott doesn’t rank in that at all because he was never a real green lantern (as in a member of the corps) he just used that name. And on that note DC/Warner aren’t exactly known for making “smart” decisions.

    3. also ” the faster you can accept that truth like the fact that Ben Affleck
      is Batman, the better off you’ll be able to function in life ” Really ? so you just accept whatever is given to you ? Your life must be boring as all hell. 🙂

      1. Clydesays:

        Listen buddy, I’m not thrilled at Ben A. being the newest Batman, however I have accepted that decision by the establishment management. They have put all their chips in the middle of the table with that actor. They have chosen to live and die by Ben Affleck. The mass majority hate that idea and have made verbal statements of them not seeing the film because of it. I will judge the film when it comes out and not a moment before. So yes, I have accepted that truth. The establishment doesn’t care what we think and they are moving forward with him regardless. Now there is one thing that I never will accept “AL” and that’s our U.S. govnt misuse of our tax dollars especially the IRS. Now that’s a real cause that people should be up in arms about…not the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman.

      2. ?? Are you really trying to talk about taxes and the IRS on a page about the Justice League ?

  18. observersays:

    I wish we could see a JSA film or even animation. OG Green Lantern Alan Scott – the original Flash Jay Garrick – Dr Fate – Sandman – Hawkman – the Spectre – Wildcat – Black Canary – Mr Terrific Michael Holt…. all compelling chars.
    Not really into Hourman or Atom Al Pratt as much. Dr Mid-Nite could have utility and I like Johnny Thunder but they’re OP enough without the Thunderbolt, and who knows how he would go over on-screen.

    1. Post Blottersays:

      Second the motion for Wildcat!! An old, old timer on the big screen kicking ass is always a good thing!

  19. Bad asssays:

    My team would be Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern ( Guy Grander version ) and The Flash. Good strong team there.

  20. Luiz Medeirossays:

    Booster Gold, Captain Atom and Oracle would be awesome!

  21. Aaron Freestonesays:

    In Justice League of America #12 (October 2007), the founding members of the Justice League were shown to be Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Flash (Barry Allen), Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter

    The next question is why is Lex so young. He’s been nemesis to Clark for donkey’s years. Next if Lex is there, surely Robin and Nightwing are around. In this period of time all the Robins have been and gone except the one that joins Batman at this point.
    Cyborg isn’t even around yet and neither is Green arrow. They probably appear in the JLA later or were not fully part of the team. There’s a lot of variations.
    Though with the movie that is coming out it looks like a Variation on The Dark Knight returns part 1 and 2 mixed with The new 52. With how Batman and superman fight and the lineup which means Aquaman will probably be in this movie. The Only difference between this and The Dark Knight returns II. Is that the Justice league already knew each other before and this is the supposed last fight for Sup’s and Bat’s. If the JLA is actually forming in this and it’s not the last fight I would assume that Green Arrow, Shazam and Raven might be in the 2nd movie. Martian manhunter will be in the 2nd one to as he’s not in the first one by the looks of it, because cyborgs in there and you gots to have Aquaman in the first movie.

    Lets hope that if this is a movie that goes into a trilogy that we get JLA vs Suicide squad. With Copperhead, Lex, Harley, The Penguin, The Riddler, Killer Croc, Black Mask, White Rabbit, Firefly,Sister Crystal, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Black Arrow, Solemon Grundy, Sinestro, Aries Cheetah and Atom, Black Adam and Captain Boomerang. Of course there are so many chars they can fight, but it’d be good to see a few villains that haven’t been over done. Esp Joker. If Harley’s there Just think how pissed she’d be from Joker being killed previously. .

  22. Saunderizersays:

    The Giffen/DeMatteis JL is the ONLY JL. They blended mega-powers (J’onn, Wonder Woman, Batman, Shazam etc) with lesser characters (Beetle, Booster, Rocket Red, Guy, G’nort, Creeper, Mr. Miracle etc) and made the lesser characters more interesting by developing their backstories and giving them more to do, because they weren’t as great as the big names. All the while making every book fun to read, balancing the funny (Kooey-Kooey; robot Guy at the “Ice-Capistes”) with some great action (tying in with “Invasion” and the whole “Breakdowns” storyline – just classic).

  23. Dan Wiseburnsays:

    lets hope they do it rite without trying to appease every race on the planet. a JSA series would be great. loved the young justice series.

  24. Brian Danielsays:

    Decent list. Funny how many of these have made it into Arrow and Flash since the list has been created. I’d love to see Martian Manhunter in the movie though. Though he got some love on JL he’s still underrated and lesser known. Glad he’s getting love on Supergirl.

  25. Krazy Joesays:

    Ummm… What exactly is ‘cheesy’ about Booster Gold’s costume? He always has done of the sharpest looking costumes in comics. It’s not and never has been ‘cheesy’. If it’s translated to the big screen, don’t ruin it!

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