10 Lessons We Took Home From The Movies In 2012

Looking back across the cinematic pasture that was the last year with the precision of a hawk-man hybrid, it’s apparent that where 2012 is concerned, we have a lot to be thankful for. Here emerged, after all, some genuinely spellbinding films which deserve to be embraced and celebrated and watched over and over again until, hey, why did I like this again? But mostly embraced and celebrated.

Yes, 2012 has bestowed movie-goers with great performances, technical achievements and a whole lot of revelations about the industry itself. And with each passing year, new-fangled cinematic trends emerge to temp audiences out of their bedrooms, off of their iPads and into the theatres – some of which succeed in innovating the future of movies forever, whilst others flop and die quietly.

So what did we learn from 2012 as a year of cinematic endeavor? Which lessons can we take home? Which surprises did this year have to offer up audiences all over the globe? Here’s our pick of 10 lessons we took home from the movies in 2012. The question is: how will the future of cinema change as a result?