10 LGBT Superheroes We Want To See Get Their Own Movie

10) Constantine

Ah, Constantine. Few comic book characters have had such a troubled journey to the big screen. First, a cinematic version starring Keanu Reeves changed almost everything that readers love about the chain-smoking magician. Then, a more faithful TV adaptation was cancelled after just one season. Matt Ryan’s portrayal of Constantine was a huge step in the right direction, but both ventures still failed to capture the essence of Vertigo’s most popular anti-hero.

Aside from his foul mouth and trademark cynicism, one of the things that set Constantine apart from other more traditional heroes was his bisexuality, something that the writers refused to sensationalize, instead treating his preferences as just another aspect of Constantine’s personality.

Recent comic book appearances by Constantine have brought his sexuality to the fore, but both the movie and Tv adaptations refused to acknowledge this organic, yet core component of his character. A future appearance on CW’s Arrow may refer to his bisexuality, especially given the show’s track record with LGBT characters, but aside from that, fans will have to wait for Justice League Dark before we see Constantine on the big screen again.

It’s likely that the supernatural team will receive a higher age rating than your typical comic book movie, and although this shouldn’t be a factor, this could potentially increase the likelihood that Constantine’s sexuality might be addressed. LGBT characters shouldn’t be automatically relegated exclusively to adult movies, but unfortunately, the MPAA has a history of restricting the ratings of movies that feature homosexuality in their content.