10 LGBT Superheroes We Want To See Get Their Own Movie

9) Lord Fanny

lord fanny

Grant Morrison has become an industry legend with his subversive take on superheroes as iconic as Batman and the X-Men, but his most important comic book is The Invisibles, a team of misfits assembled to battle against inter-dimensional aliens who have already enslaved most of the human race. The group consists of memorable characters such as King Mob, a chaos magician, Ragged Robin, a psychic time traveler and Lord Fanny, a trans female sorceress of considerable power.

Born male, Lord Fanny was nonetheless raised as a girl by her Brazilian grandmother in order for her to inherit the family’s mystical power. After training, Lord Fanny adopted the goddess of filth and lust as her patron, turning to prostitution as a way to make money. This lifestyle had tragic consequences though, as Lord Fanny was raped and almost committed suicide before eventually joining the team as a means of coping.

An Invisibles movie would be a hard sell for any studio, but the hype surrounding Fox’s Deadpool could soon pave the way for more R-rated superhero adaptations.