10 Live-Action Characters That Look Nothing Like Their Comic Book Counterparts


Green Arrow (Arrow)

Over time, we’ve seen Oliver Queen’s superhero outfit come to resemble his comic book counterpart’s on Arrow. The green of his jacket has become brighter and the face mask is looking much classier than the five-dollar-hooker eye shadow from season 1. His costume isn’t all that bad when you consider some of the others on this show, which we’ll discuss later on.

Gear aside, though, Stephen Amell looks nothing like the Emerald Archer, who’s extremely blonde and boasts the coolest goatee in the world. While Amell did sport the classic facial hair in one episode of Legends of Tomorrow, he still looks more like the long-lost sixth member of the Backstreet Boys than a superhero.

But you know who does look like Green Arrow? Charlie Hunnam. Since he’s down with the idea of playing Ollie in the DCEU now, let’s make it happen, Geoff Johns.

Hawkeye (MCU)

In fairness, it’s easy to see why the filmmakers avoided Hawkeye’s traditional getup in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s probably the same reason why Fox ignored Wolverine’s yellow-and-black garb as well. Let’s be honest, it would look far too silly on the big screen.

Still, it would’ve been fun to see Hawkeye’s colorful costume brought to life next to Cap’s red, blue and white, Iron Man’s red and yellow, and the Hulk’s green and, um, dark green? Marvel’s favorite archer is a comic book character, for Galactus’ sake, so let him shine in all his eccentricity and questionable color coded clothing.

Come to think of it, if Joel Schumacher had helmed The Avengers, Clint Barton would’ve definitely been in his original suit and mask. And probably covered in latex with protruding nipples. Definitely nipples, though.

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