10 Scenes We’d Love To See In The Justice League Director’s Cut

“I’ll Take That As A Yes”

Fans had been waiting forever to get a glimpse of Superman in Justice League‘s marketing, and it wasn’t until the final trailer released in October that Henry Cavill made his big appearance. Cleverly, the reveal of the Man of Steel in costume was kept for the movie itself, as we instead got a moment with Clark Kent and Lois Lane. As Amy Adams’ Lois leaves the Kent farm to find Clark standing in the field, he tells her “I’ll take that as a yes.” He explains that he’s talking about the engagement ring she wears on her finger, given to her by Martha after Clark died.

It was assumed that this was a dream sequence, but the film made it clear that this scene comes after Clark’s resurrection. The only thing is that this sequence is nowhere to be seen in the theatrical cut. From the lack of CGI on Cavill’s top lip, it’s clear that this was the work of Zack Snyder, with Whedon replacing the dialogue with his own during reshoots. In his version of the scene, there’s some comedic chitchat about Clark describing coming back from the dead as “itchy.”

In a Director’s Cut, we’d really love to see the original version reinstated. It’s a much more poignant and all-round memorable moment, for one thing, and also addresses where Clark and Lois’ relationship stands. In the theatrical cut, no reference is made to the couple’s engagement.