The Top 10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Film

Captain Marvel

Sent to Earth to spy on the human race and report back to his home planet, Captain Marvel began to understand and empathize with us. Because of this, he was branded a traitor and banned by those who sent him. Fans love an outcast and a rebel, and Captain Marvel could be both.

Picture Dr. Manhattan in reverse. Instead of slowly losing touch with humanity, Captain Marvel starts off with no way to relate to humanity, and then slowly gains it, but still maintaining the distant sense of wonder that Watchmen portrayed (and with less blue nudity of course).

The movie could consist of some awesome flights through space, unstoppable energy blasts, and some series interstellar politics arguments. Of course, the best villain would be Nitro. The fact that Nitro can explode his own body, and then put himself back together, makes him an extremely tough foe and leaves the potential for some really cool effects. He also ultimately kills Captain Marvel, so he would have to be in the films at some point if Marvel were to truly tell the full story of Captain Marvel.

The fear here is of course the failure that has been seen by the last Superman film. Seeing how Captain Marvel has an even less realistic vibe than the Man of Steel, it could turn fans off of the film.

However, I think being able to see all of Captain Marvel’s awesome powers in action would be a huge draw, especially if they tied him in with a few cameos from other Marvel characters, say members of the Avengers or Defenders, both of whom he briefly teamed up with.


The most prominent crime lord in the Marvel universe, Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. the Kingpin, is an extraordinary villain and very deserving of his own film.

This movie would be a great chance to showcase the scores of heroes and villains that Kingpin ties in with. They could use it to fix Daredevil, give us more of the Punisher, show the Spider-Man villains he worked with, or bring in just about any other part of the Marvel Universe.

Even with all that going on, I want the focus of the film to still be on Fisk. How did he become the Kingpin? What motivated him to get there? And how does a respectable crime-lord feel about all these superheroes appearing to foil his plans?

Kingpin may appear to be a large, overweight man, but he is in fact incredibly strong, having held his own against Spider-Man in multiple fights, and supposedly having less than 3% body fat. For a 400 pound man that means a whole lot of muscle.

If the film didn’t solely focus on his origin, his son Richard could play a major role. Richard eventually finds out where his father’s money has really come from and is devastated. He fakes his own death and starts another crime family in New York under the identity of the Schemer. A major battle between the two crime families ensued, and the Kingpin falls into shock upon learning that his son is actually the Schemer.

Using the story of Richard would be a great way to create some empathy for the Kingpin, making him an even more memorable villain for later movies with the rest of the Marvel universe. Though he isn’t a hero that a lot of people love, a Kingpin film would be a great decision for Marvel.

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