10 Marvel Events Which Should Be Adapted In Phase 4


While Marvel has never shied away from adapting specific story arcs for their movies, they’ve mostly delivered original stories which borrow material from a lot of different comics. However, Phase 3 looks set to shake things up with adaptations of Civil War, Ragnarok and Infinity War, and while the fact that those are all getting the big screen treatment is a huge deal, what about Phase 4? What comes next?

Marvel has literally decades worth of events to choose from, and they’re going to need to, especially as Thanos’ story (which started way back in The Avengers when he showed up in that mid-credits scene) looks set to finally come to a close in 2019.

With that over and done with, they’re going to need to build to the next big event. Thankfully, the solo movies also have plenty of great comic book arcs to choose from during the build up to that.

So, what are the most essential Marvel events for Phase 4? Here, we take a look at the ten biggest. Some you may know, others are a little more obscure, but these all deserve to be brought to life at some point in the very near future.