9 Characters Who Must Appear In An All-Female Marvel Movie

Lady Thor

First of all, let’s think about when an A-Force movie might arrive. At the very least, it would be in the 2020s. Which means that it would take place after the universe-wide shake-up that is Avengers 4, which could write out many of the MCU’s major heroes. If, for instance, Chris Hemsworth vacates the role of the God of Thunder at the end of Phase Three, an A-Force film could reintroduce the character as a woman.

As fans will know, recent comics have seen Thor lose his powers. When his former lover Jane Foster got hold of Mjolnir, she received all his Asgardian abilities and took up his heroic mantle. It was a bit of a controversial move in the comics, but it generated a lot of praise, too. The MCU needs more lady heroes, so why not reinvent one of the Avengers’ biggest guns as a woman?

While we’re at it, why not have a Lady Loki as well? After all, Thor’s brother also became a woman when he possessed the body of Lady Sif. She even joined A-Force in the comics.


As time has passed, the MCU has embraced the weirder elements of the comic book universe more and more. For instance, it wasn’t until last year’s Doctor Strange that the mystical side of Marvel was introduced. With this now in play, the movies of Phase Four should be free to include characters connected with magic and sorcery. For instance, Tigra could turn up in an all-female film.

In the comics. Greer Grant Nelson was initially a non-powered heroine known as The Cat, but she was later magically transformed into an actual cat person. Now with tiger-like fur, she took to wearing just a bikini, which has pretty much become the only thing most people know about her. That’s a shame, though, as Tigra goes back decades and has ties to countless super-teams, including various off-shoots of the Avengers.

Most notably, she was part of the second incarnation of the Lady Liberators, formed by She-Hulk to take down Red Hulk. Another member of that team is the Amazonian-esque Thundra, who the MCU could also introduce as their very own version of Wonder Woman.