10 Michael Fassbender Performances That Left Us Speechless

After years spent being one of the best male leads around, Michael Fassbender will finally saunter into the 2015/2016 awards season as a major contender. Up to now, the actor has wowed the critics with his typically profound character explorations and found fans with his forays into blockbuster territory – but this year, it looks promising that Fassbender might at last seal the deal with an Oscar.

Most likely to bring him trophies this awards season is Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs, in which Fassbender plays the titular, revolutionary Apple founder. Still, no one should discount his next release before then from featuring at awards time either: Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth.

Based on Shakespeare’s ‘Scottish play,’ Kurzel’s film reimagines the Thane of Cawdor as a damaged soldier suffering from PTSD – and some critics are even saying Fassbender gives his greatest performances to date as the battle-weary lord.

It’s a bold claim, to be sure, as throughout his brief career as a leading man, Fassbender has given some of the most affecting, powerful performances in recent memory. And here are ten of his best to date.