The 10 Best Moments In Star Wars: The Force Awakens

10) The Falcon Flies Again


Rey, Finn, and BB-8 stealing the Millennium Falcon to escape from The First Order is an incredibly well put together action sequence, and seeing Han Solo’s iconic spaceship once again take flight is nothing short of amazing.

It’s particularly interesting to see the very different way that the inexperienced Rey pilots it at first, as it bumps off the ground and crashes through her village. Later, however, she pulls off some incredible moves which you have to believe not even Han and Chewie would have thought of.

The thrilling chase through the ship graveyard on Jakku is real edge of your seat stuff and it plays particularly well on IMAX screens (presumably the format it was shot in). Overall, this scene is the perfect way to introduce new viewers to the ship and welcome back old ones as well.