10 Intriguing DC Movies That Were Never Made


Currently, we’re seeing more comic book movies being produced than ever before – but there are still an enormous amount that have slipped through the net over the years and failed to get made.

For instance, because starring as Green Lantern and Deadpool clearly isn’t enough superhero roles for one man, Ryan Reynolds was also at one point set to play The Flash in a movie based on a David Goyer script. After years in development hell, The Flash movie is now about to be made as part of the DC Extended Universe, though with Ezra Miller in the role of Barry Allen.


Likewise, before he brought The Avengers to the screen for Marvel, Joss Whedon was working with DC to do a Batman film. The famously quip-happy writer/director would surely have delivered a refreshingly more light-hearted version of the character than we’ve seen in recent years, but the project never materialized.

These are but two of a huge number of unmade DC projects, which often had a variety of big name directors and actors attached to them. If you’d like to find out about more of them, then read on for ten of the most enticing…