10 Movies You Never Would Have Guessed Were Based Off Comic Books


Comic book movies are enjoying an all-time high right now, with at least eight of 2016’s biggest releases being based on the medium (we’ll let you work out what they are).

However, there is still a common misconception about the distinction between a superhero movie and one based on a comic book. Though comics are arguably a much more respected medium than they used to be, many still see them as a merely the platform of superheroes – which is, of course, entirely unfair.

If you look at comic book publishing as a whole, you would see that it is as wide-ranging as any other storytelling medium. Even DC and Marvel don’t print superhero stories alone.

As such, there are several famous movies that are not regularly known to be based on comic books, strips, graphic novels or manga.

Here are ten such films you never would have guessed began in the pages of a funny book.